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MTi Sports' MLB SIDES AND TOTALS -- MTi was 1-5 yesterday in baseball with six big underdogs. It would have be better if the Rays held on to their ninth inning lead. For Saturday, MTi has two sides and a total - all 4.5-Stars. Each play is supported by logical reasoning and key performance indicators uncovered with the SDQL. Only $20 each and guaranteed to win. Also available is a complete one-day package for $15 ($5 each) without the guarantee.

MTi's Sports' NFL TEASERS -- MTi Sports was 2-3 on the teasers in week two of the preseason - the lone losing game was Cleveland +8, but it poisoned three teasers. MTi has a set of three 2-team, 6-pointers going on Saturday. All plays are rated 4-Stars. Only $25 and GUARANTEEED to be perfect. Also available is a COMPLETE 2016 season teaser package through the Superbowl for only $599 in web debit value.

SPORTSBOOK BREAKERS MLB won its lone play on the Cubs Friday. SBB has one play, a solid 4-STAR Side of the Day going in a mid evening contest. Get this play guaranteed for just $20 in web debit value.

CAJUN SPORTS WIRE MLB 5* Black Diamond Ultra 77 TOTAL Insider goes Saturday night. NFLx 4.5* Black Label Reverse Insider goes Saturday night. CSW goes 3-1 on Friday night winning their MLB 5* Black Diamond Outlaw Annihilator (CUBS) CFB 3.5* Major Marquee TOTAL Insider (CAL OVER) NFLx 5* Black Label Trophy Club (STEELERS) and lost their NFLx 4.5* Gold Marquee Insider (NINERS).

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