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Meet Charlie's Hustle

Who am I?

I'm a semi-pro sports handicapper based in Europe with over 10 years of FX trading experience along with almost a decade of sportsbetting experience. I base all of my picks off of data, a non-biased and open minded approach. I am very, very cautious of backfitted / data mining and build all of my systems off of a stable and fundamentally solid base concept. Whether it be an away favorite in the MLB or the under in the NFL when a large dog is at home. I eliminate emotions when building my systems or handicapping single games / situations and am again, 100% data driven.

What is my strategy?

I base all of my plays off of momentum. The wisest of all wallstreet traders will tell you again and again; "Never attempt to catch a falling knife.". A "falling knife" in sportsbetting could be slumping team, a situation where the under has hit at a rate of well over 70% and you might want to play the slumping team or take the over. No, I'll do the opposite. Why take a trade / place a bet when the odds are against you right from the start? I'm also a strong believer in high volume systems. I'd much rather play a system that is 350-210 over the previous 2 seasons than a 40-20 play over the previous 12 seasons. Quantity is king, quality is money!

What to expect?

Picks based off of common sense, a large amount of data supporting them and absolutely no nonsense!

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