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Meet Mr. East

My Handicapping and Betting Philosophy

There are a vast array of handicapping styles, and some adhere to part of them, but I adhere to all of them. I utilize countless systems I have developed over the years, along with emotional, situational, and motivational factors. The one thing I have been able to do with tremendous accuracy is make my own pointspreads. I make them before the next day's game, so I am not influenced by what happened in one game. I am able to spot line value, and exploit it with success.

The one thing I don't do is waste selections, for the sake of having one. The only games I will ever put out, are those that I have handicapped countless different ways, and are deemed to create a high likelihood of beating the pointspread. The fact that you read this, is its own compliment, and I know you have many choices.

Thanks for allowing me to show you a winning approach. I'd be glad to assist you in anyway I can, and look forward to showing you my commitment, and dedication, for something I not only do for a living, but with passion, and success! Best wishes on a profitable year in the world of sports!

My Handicapping Experience

25 years

My Special Achievments in Handicapping

My love of sports and crunching numbers, has allowed me to be able to consistently have a winning percentage of over 55%. I've exceeded +100 units in a season in all sports from NCAA Bowl games, NBA playoffs, college basketball, major league baseball, and NFL football.

My Most Memorable Moment

I remember this one clearly. It was the 98-99 NBA playoffs, and I hit a career record 18 straight picks.

Biggest Win of my Career

The one I remember the most was taking Georgia Tech on the moneyline vs Duke in the 03-04 college basketball season. Duke had not lost at home in almost 3 years, and the moneyline was Georgia Tech +670 and they won by 8 at Duke. A close second was taking the Giants on the moneyline in this past Superbowl vs New England.

Toughest Loss of my Career

This one goes back a ways, but I remember having DePaul in the Mark Aguirre era, giving 17.5 points, and they led by 19 with a few seconds left. This was before the 3 point shot era, and someone hit a shot from beyond half-court to beat me.

Favorite Team(s) to Play or Fade

I love to fade the big public teams, and the one that seems to offer the most value playing against is the New York Yankees, as they are frequently over-priced

What You Can Expect From Me

The one thing I will never be guilty of is offering any selection, on any event, without a detailed analysis of the game in hand. The biggest reason for my success is the coupling years of knowledge and my professional sports background, with relentless hours of hard work. The fact is I will never be out worked.

The games I post will be in great detail and in plain easy to understand language for anyone to comprehend. I will not just hand over a side and say "good luck." There will be a detailed supporting writeup as to how I came about the selection.

This approach will win you money and teach you at the same time!

The information available here is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate, is for recreational purposes only, and is not intended to violate any state, local, or federal laws.