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SportsBook Breakers, led by Kyle (Vince) Akins, is an analytical-driven handicapper with over a decade of success in sports betting. They've secured numerous handicapping titles in recent seasons, independently documented by websites like Sports Watch Monitor and Vegas Insider. Utilizing their expertise as a certified SDQL master, SportsBook Breakers stands out in data handicapping. They analyze historical data spanning over 30 years in MLB, NFL, NCAAF, and NBA. This deep data dive reveals team and player trends and valuable leaguewide situations, including postseason-specific systems. Their detailed write-ups often feature over 10 active trends and systems each, leaving no aspect unexplored. SBB not only tells the bettor which team they should be playing, but the why each selection represents a valuable opportunity!!!!!!


SPORTSBOOK BREAKERS MLB went 2-0 Thursday, with the Reds and Tigers both winning by 7+ runs each. SBB has 2 selections Friday with a 4-STAR Side of the Day and a pitcher prop both in the late evening. The game play is backed by 8 trends/systems! Get both selections for $20 in web debit value or purchase a weekly or season-long package!


SportsBook Breakers MLB Weekly Package (Every Play!)

Every Play (HUGE VALUE)

SportsBook Breakers is offering a special package for this MLB Season. SBB will be offering weekly packages good for seven days for just $79 in web debit value (less than $10 USD a day). That is a significant discount from the individual cost of plays! Don't miss out on this special deal!!!

SBB's Complete 2024 Complete MLB Season Package

Every game & prop selection

SportsBook Breakers is offering a COMPLETE season package, with every selection, both games and props, from Opening Day through the Postseason

Sample Selections

Sample NBA Game Selecton

4.5-STAR Side from 12-27-23

Sample NBA Prop Selecton

Player Prop from 1-3-24

Sample NFL Game Selectons

Top 3 selections from 12-17-23

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