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Roughing the Picker

Roughing the Picker is an elite handicapping service that specializes in leveraging false public perception against sports book markets. Andrew Gupko is the lead handicapper and tweets under the handle @rewgupko.

I showcase an emotionless strategy that utilizes the never ending supply of data uncovered with the Sports Data Query Language. I ask that clients have a realistic expectation to profit. Clients should practice wise bankroll management and maintain patience through adversity. I provide a sports investment service and in no way am I claiming that you will get rich quick. Using my advice requires a patient and methodical approach.

I have personally used these handicapping techniques since 2011 and have had continued success and profit. I look forward to sharing my success with you.

The information available here is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate, is for recreational purposes only, and is not intended to violate any state, local, or federal laws.